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Summer Internship.

WHO is this for?

This Internship is open to any College freshman/one full year out of High School and older. 

WHEN does the Internship take place? 

Internship begins Monday May 20th* and ends Wednesday August 7th.  
Interns are expected to be present at the August 11th End of Summer Celebration.

*If classes go past May 20th, Interns can join the group when finals end. 


HOW do I ask questions? 
HOW do I apply?

Contact Denise Harris with any questions
To Apply, fill out the Application and email it to 
Application Deadline is March 15th. 


WHAT are the qualifications and description of a Summer Internship? 


  • Completed 1st year of college or 1 year out of high school

  • Comply with all background checks, Have valid driver’s license

  • Have a faith foundation

  • Self-motivated

  • Willing to do public speaking

  • Willing to get out of your comfort zone

  • Team Player

  • Leadership skills

  • Comfortable with all ages

  • Flexible and positive

Job Description

  • Prepare all aspects of MyCalling! Mission Trips

  • Support Student Leadership team in leadership and planning 

  • Serve as full time leader during MyCalling! Mission Trips

  • Work with Coordinator to prepare Adults, Missions, Building and Churches for MyCalling!

Youth Ministry

  • Relational
    Meet with youth, support student leaders

  • Fund-raising
    Lead and participate in Fund-raisers

  • Experiential
    High School Mission Trip, MyCalling!

Church Responsibilities

  • Attend worship regularly

"Our Summer Interns do the work that can not be done during the year.  We are excited to find out their gifts and see them find joy in ministry."
Kelly Rymer, MyCalling! Coordinator 

"I would say my time as an intern with the church has been and will be one of the best jobs I have had and will have. Work gets done in a correct an efficient way, but we have fun doing it and know why we are doing it."
Richard Habgood, Intern

"My Summer Internship taught me what kind of work environment I want to be in.  I learned to work as a team to make something amazing happen." 
James Brookes, 2018 Intern

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