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Applications due by May 15th

Looking for an awesome week of missions, worship, leadership development, and crazy fun this summer!? 

Apply now to be a Joshua or Timothy for MyCalling! 

Don't want to apply online? Email us at for a pdf version of the application

What is a Joshua?

Biblically, Joshua was Moses's assistant and went on to lead the Israelite people after Moses's death. At MyCalling! Joshua's assist our leadership team in making this week possible. Joshuas are responsible for leading a crew of middle school youth. They stay with one crew all week and are in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly for your crew. 


To be eligible to be a Joshua, you must have graduated 10th grade by the time MyCalling! starts and have participated in MyCalling! at least one year previously. 

What is a Timothy?

A Timothy's role can vary from working on a dedicated site, rotating site support, or specialized ministry. They build relationships with the people at the site and help the crews as the go through the week.  Timothys serve as key leaders on and off site.

To be eligible to be a Timothy, you must have graduated 9th grade by the time MyCalling! starts.

What is the cost?

As a leader your costs are discounted! Cost for food, housing, and shirts is $175 per Joshua or Timothy.

If you are working multiple weeks of MyCalling! there are additional discounts available.

We never want cost to be the reason you don't come on a trip. If this is something you are struggling with check out our scholarship application, pdf below, or send us an email at

                                       Scholarship Application

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