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Please review the following expectations before moving on to the nest step of the application process



  • Follow the rules of the church Ex: No Kanoodling, No Put-downs, No Cussing  

  • Respect the church, its property, and work sites

  • Be at all activities and be punctual for all events

  • Be everyone’s biggest supporter

  • No complaining- things will go wrong but stay positive and go with the flow  

  • No one in a leadership role is permitted to be in a relationship with a MC Participant  

  • Be an active participant in all activities 

  • If you are close to home, the church is still your home for the week. You may not come and go as you please. Any outings must be pre-approved by the leadership. 

  • You are on the clock and you must participate in the organized events until after the end of the day meeting.



  • Keep yourself clean, in words and body ie. Everyone must shower and brush their teeth

  • Support fellow leaders throughout the day, lead your crew at your site

  • Communicate with your site director the night before and while on site  

  • Ensure lunches are organized for crew and site director  

  • Confirm all supplies get into a vehicle (First aid kit, Water cooler, Lunches, individual water bottles)

  • Lead your crew in worship with enthusiasm  

  • Make sure you are at your assigned area during the middle school students free time or that you run any activities you are assigned.   


What you gain from this experience:  

  • Building friendships within the Joshuas and Timothys

  • An amazing, life changing week

  • Full support from leadership

  • Opportunities to grow in leadership skills  

  • Make a difference in this community

  • Build friendships with Middle School Students, Site Directors, and your peers 

  • A week of growing and serving in Christ  

  • Letter of Recommendation  

  • 96 Volunteer Service hours 



By clicking "next" I am confirming that I have read and understand the above expectations

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