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Summer MyCalling!
July 14-18 2024


We are excited to welcome you to MyCalling!

Summer 2024 will be an amazing year or learning from and serving others, worship and devo times and joining with other groups to experience new things! 

We can't wait to get started! 

If you have any questions, please email us! 


 "AMAZING!  It is a mission trip led by the High School of Yardley United Methodist Church in Yardley Pa for Middle School.  It is more organized and better than most of the national mission groups.  Worship is amazing, the work is amazing, the kids together- it's all just wonderful, I can't say how much.  And so affordable. This will be our 3rd year going!"  - Youth Director, St Paul's UMC, Maryland 

"My favorite part is being with my youth group friends and helping others" -Youth Participant


"The community between YUMC and the kids that come each year is amazing!" - Youth Participant 

" When you get in the mentality of mission you are open to worship and  when you're open, you change." - Joshua

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