Summer MyCalling!



Our mission is to assist others

and spread the gospel in our community,
while simultaneously providing a unique
experience for middle school students. 

                                  Recent News

The Return 2022

We are excited to announce that MyCalling! Summer 2022: Yardley UMC will be held in person!

 We are planning a safe, impactful service week for all youth and adults.  We are thankful for the ways 
God moved the past two years and we are excited to go where God is leading us next! 

New in 2021

We are introducing Roaming Missions Trips and working to make mission experiences possible and safe during COVID-19. We are continuing to pray about God's call for our mission and look ahead to what the future of sustainable community missions will look like. 

New in 2019:

Growth and Expansion: MyCalling! 2019 will be hosted in 2 locations during the same week, both at Morrisville UMC and Yardley UMC.  They will run as 2 separate parallel trips, both following the same MyCallling! schedule, youth focused leadership & worship, and with a rotation of worksites experiences. 

However new this year, each location will host meals and worship in their own space and crews and work sites will be run by each host location, thus eliminating the logistical struggles of traveling between the two locations.  When you send in your registration, you will have the opportunity to
state your location preference.  If your preferred location is full, we will let      you know if the other location is still available.

 "AMAZING!  It is a mission trip led by the High School of Yardley United Methodist Church in Yardley Pa for Middle School.  It is more organized and better than most of the national mission groups.  Worship is amazing, the work is amazing, the kids together- it's all just wonderful, I can't say how much.  And so affordable. This will be our 3rd year going!"  - Youth Director, St Paul's UMC, Maryland 

"My favorite part is being with my youth group friends and helping others" -Youth Participant


"The community between YUMC and the kids that come each year is amazing!" - Youth Participant 

    " When you get in the mentality of mission you are open to worship and          when you're open, you change." - Joshua