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MyCalling! 2021 Summer Mission Opportunities 

In response to COVID-19

Hello MyCalling! Friends,


After much prayer and consideration, we have formulated two COVID safe options for youth groups hoping to engage in service this summer: Online at Home Missions and a Roaming MyCalling! Trip.

Below we elaborate on both of these options and what they entail. As health and safety concerns continue to change we will be in continual communication with our partners and stay up to date on the situation.

If you have any questions or concerns about the below information, please do not hesitate to email us at

1. Online and at Home Missions

Similar to last year, we will be streaming worship and also providing this worship in a recorded format for students, adults, youth leaders, etc. to enjoy together or on their own. Below is the link for our at home missions packet with mission ideas for students to complete on their own or in a coordinated socially distant form with their youth group. 

2. Roaming MyCalling! Trip

While we are not able to gather together in the large format we are used to, many youth groups have found safe ways of still gathering in their own communities. A Roaming MyCalling! Trip simply brings the experience of a trip to you in your own community. A small group of MyCalling! Ministries staff would work with you to create a COVID safe mini-MyCalling! in your own community. The benefits of this are that we can shape every trip to the needs, resources, and comfort levels of each individual community. For example, churches do not have to stick to our 3 day Sunday-Thursday format but could change length and days to suit their needs. To further clarify what this option entails we have split the information into 3 categories: what MyCalling! Ministries will provide, what is expected of a participating church, and required safety standards.  


What MyCalling! Ministries will provide:

Our staff will organize and run the basic structure of a mission trip day. We will provide 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) as well as an evening snack if requested from Sunday evening to Thursday morning. MyCalling! will be in charge of creating and organizing worship and daily devotionals in whatever form we agree with the church these things should take place i.e. Music, prayer stations, speakers, etc.. Students passionate about planning worship are welcome to be involved and highly encouraged but this participation is not required. Our staff will also organize 3 days of mission work/activities for your students. While we come with pre-planned worksites, we are hopeful to work with you to create a more community oriented mission experience and partner with ministries in your community!


What is expected of participating churches:

The two main preparations that will fall on churches are lodging and showers. Every location is different and it will be up to every church to make decisions and arrangements for these two needs. We are happy to assist you with ideas and information on what has been done in the past but ultimately the responsibility will fall on the participating church. Additionally, participating churches need to provide volunteers to transport students, lead crews, make sure safety standards are being followed, etc.. Similar to when a church attends any MyCalling! trip, you will be expected to show proof of insurance before the start of the trip. Lastly, a safety contract will be expected to be signed by MyCalling! Ministries and each church participating agreeing to abide by the safety standards specified below.


Other Notes:

We are aware that fundraising and finances are difficult during COVID and that as the summer approaches and health regulations change any plans in place may change greatly. To combat this, we will not require any payments until the end of May to allow for the greatest amount of flexibility with COVID. The cost per participants will remain the same as we are providing the same services to which this money is spent as well as additional time and effort to make sure trips run safely and smoothly in new locations.  


Summer Missions

Welcome Packet

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