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About MyCalling! Ministries


Our Story

In 2013, on a High School Mission Trip, God called three youth to host a mission trip from their church.

    These three youth, (Erica, Richard, and Catie) along with their Youth Minister (Denise) and two Church Leaders (Rob and Mitch) worked to put together a mission trip the church would host.

    Summer of 2014, we kicked off our first MyCalling! Trip with 3 churches, 12 youth, 10 high school students, 5 college leaders, and 22 adults! We worked with six ministries in the area to serve people in need. It was an amazing four days of serving and fun!

    In 2015, we kicked off our second year with 4 churches, 27 youth, 11 high school leaders, and 25 adults/College students. We had the opportunity to serve with seven local ministries, grow in our faith and answer God's call to serve.

    Summer of 2016, our 3rd year held 46 youth, 12 high school leaders, and 25 adults working on 10 different work sites

    2017 we grew to have 54 participants, 15 high school leaders and over 50 adults serving at 11 different work sites.

    2018 we were blessed to serve alongside 71 participants, 31 high school leaders, and 38 adults serving in 13 locations!

    In total, this adds up to 459 volunteers and 6,295 community service hours within the past 5 years!

     We as a ministry are so grateful for the opportunities God has given us and cannot wait to see what the future holds! We hope you will join us to grow in this faith journey together!


Our Calling

We are called to give our middle school students a quality mission experience that calls them into a deeper relationship with Christ and lays the foundation for a life of serving others.

    We want to extend this experience to as many middle school students as possible. We also strive to keep this experience as inexpensive as possible to make sure it is accessible to all who wish to come.

Why did the name change?

Our original name, YU?MC (Why You? My Calling), was taken from the name of our home church YUMC (Yardley United Methodist Church)  

Our prayer is when teens are asked, "Why did you spend time away from home working for free in the summer?" 

They will answer, "It's My Calling!"

We hold this same sentiment in the new name but feel "MyCalling!" is more simple and true to our roots as an organization. It also allows us room to grow as more churches embrace and engage in our ministry.

Our Leaders

From kitchen staff to worship team to chaperones to donors we have many youth and adults leading this mission. 

The leaders respond to God's call to catch and carry on the vision. These youth plan, organize and lead our MyCalling! trip.

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