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Interested in becoming a

host church?

Being a MyCalling! host church can be a crazy and rewarding experience for not only your team but your church as a whole. Some positive effects of Hosting a MyCalling! trip include but are not limited too:

  • Youth Service Opportunities  

  • Leadership development

  • Closer relationship between church and community

  • Congregation-wide bonding & energizing

What does Hosting a trip look like?

Every host church has a leadership team consisting of 3 to 5 students and 2 to 3 adult volunteers. This team will work throughout the year, with support from MyCalling! Ministries, to prepare worship, worksites, and more!

I'm interested! What are the next steps?

1) Let's talk! We would love to start a conversation about what a MyCalling! would look like in your church! Email us at or call us at (215) 493-3345.

2) Attend a MyCalling! near you. the best way to see what being a host church looks like is to watch one in action!

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