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MyCalling! Internship

Please review Job Description and Qualifications before completing the application below:

All applications are due by March 15th

Dates:   May – August 7th  2020


  • Completed 1st year of college or 1 year out of high school

  • Comply with all background checks

  • Have a valid driver’s license 

  • Have a faith foundation

  • Self-motivated 

  • Willing to do public speaking

  • Willing to get out of your comfort zone

  • Team Player

  • Leadership skills

  • Comfortable with all ages

  • Flexible and positive 


Job Description


  • Prepare all aspects of MyCalling! Mission Trips

  • Support Student Leadership team in leadership and planning 

  • Serve as full time leader during MyCalling! Mission Trips

  • Work with Coordinator to prepare Adults, Missions, Building and Churches for MyCalling!


These concentrations are examples of the different types of jobs that need to be filled at the MyCalling! Office. If you do not feel particularly  called to one of these areas it does not mean you cannot apply but further conversations will happen around what areas you wish to focus on in your internship. Also check out our MyCalling! & Youth Ministry Internship.

  • Financial
    This concentration focuses on the business side of MyCalling! Ministries. You will help manage our budget and spending, oversee registration and payment, as well as work with our fundraising team.


  • Media and Marketing
    This concentration focuses on creating content for the MyCalling! trips as well as content for future advertising. Suggested you have proficiency in cameras, editing software, and graphic design.


  • Manager and Organizer
    This concentration focuses on hands on organizational aspect of MyCalling! Ministries. You will manage the supplies and food of all host churches.

  • Faith Team

This concentration focuses on keeping MyCalling! Ministries centered and growing in faith. You will work with students on devotionals, worship, and more. 

Once you have reviewed the above information, please complete the below application Due March 15th. You will hear back from us no later the April 15th.

MyCalling! Application

I am 18 years or older:
Do you have a valid driers licence
Please idicate what type of internship you are looking for:

Salary varies between $1000-$2000 depending on hours

Please choose a concentration


List past schools or educational organizations you have attended in order of most recent

Previous Employment

Please list any relevant past internships or jobs you have held

Can we contact as a refence
Can we contact as a refence

Short Answer

Please use complete sentences to complete the following section

Reference Letter

Please upload at least one reference letter



Optional: If you wish you can upload your resume here


By clicking "Submit" you are affirming that the above information is complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

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